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  • You want to start writing online so you can quit your 9-5 and be your own boss, but don't know how to write in a way that attracts opportunities.
  • You want to build your personal brand, but don't know how to strategise your content.
  • You've been creating content on LinkedIn, but you're unsure what works.
  • You want to be a creator who wants to use LinkedIn to make a living online.
  • You want to start writing on LinkedIn, but you don't know what to write about.

Does any of this sound like you?

Okay, hear me out for 3 minutes.


I'm Niharikaa.

I started writing on LinkedIn in Feb 2021.

I really wanted to quit my 9-5 and make a living doing what I love - writing. LinkedIn was my way to get clients during side hustling so I could make enough money to eventually quit my job.

I wanted to do this because I didn't resonate with:

  • soul-sucking work
  • shitty appraisals
  • office politics

Of course, I don't expect the same from you! That is just my story :)

While I quit my job to freelance, I'm now a solopreneur.

None of this was planned.

It was just something I randomly experimented by creating content and having an engaged audience.

I quit my job that July aged 25 and have gotten an abundance of opportunities like

  • freelance clients
  • consultation opportunities
  • customers for my digital products

This happened because of

  • writing content that attracts new readers and retains existing ones
  • building a strong personal brand
  • growing on the platform

Since then, I've grown an audience of people more than the multinational that I worked with (90,000 and counting).

I also have a LinkedIn badge given to the selected few.

In under one year of writing online:

  • Got invited by LinkedIn to be a part of an exclusive community, 'LinkedIn for Creators'
  • Got accepted in the first batch of the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program
  • Became LinkedIn Top Voice 2022 in the Next Gen category

Why LinkedIn?

It's the fastest-growing social networking platform right now with organic reach.

Whether you're looking for an opportunity, clients, or customers - this is your place to be.

Plus, I'm yet to find a more powerful place to grow your personal brand.

What will this help you with?

Creating compelling content that helps you attract opportunities.

As a result, you'll also build a powerful personal brand.

Who is this not for?

If you're looking for a magic trick that helps you get a million views in a week, this isn't for you.

If you're willing to learn everything that's here and implement that, you're in the right place :)

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to build a personal brand
  • Freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for clients
  • Executives who want to develop thought leadership
  • Aspiring creators and solopreneurs who want to make a living online

What You'll get

⏰ 2 hours of video course because your time is important and I want to get to the point.

🎯 Actionable lessons so you can get them done ASAP. Learning ➡️ Doing ➡️ Results 🚀

🔥 Analysis of common tactics to go viral I've used and seen others use.

📹 My beginning-to-end process of writing three different posts.

📝 3 templates to help you get started instantly.

🤓 5 viral post formats for you to steal

Course Content

  1. A winning profile: how to create a profile that attracts more people. The details of a bio, job description, and 'about me'.
  2. Writers' common confusion: niche, frequency, what to write about, your voice.
  3. Personal brand: how to stand out and establish domain expertise and authority (I won't say 'be authentic', promise).
  4. Copywriting hacks: to catch + retain attention.
  5. Audience building: how to have new readers click follow and existing followers keep reading your work.
  6. Storytelling: how to tell personal stories that entice others to click 'read more'.
  7. Idea Generation: so you never run out of what to write and how to write a captivating LinkedIn post.
  8. Getting clients: cold emailing; how to create content in a way that attracts clients (for freelancers and business owners).
  9. Monetisation pathways: how to use LinkedIn to build your own one-person business.
  10. Write with me: watch my process from the beginning to the end of writing three different LinkedIn posts.

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LinkedIn Ultimate Content Mastery

2 ratings
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