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The Side Hustler Checklist - Notion

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Do you want to be a side hustler or a creator?

Then learn it from somebody who preaches from their experience.

From working in a corporate job that didn't inspire me to side hustling, freelancing, improving my consistency on Medium and now being self-employed as a full-time writer and creative entrepreneur - I have been where you are.

You want to do something more.

You want to explore your potential.

You want to snap out of your current monotony.

Let me help you.

Do you want to start a side hustle for:

  • Doing something that fulfils your soul? 😌
  • Pursuing a hobby? 🎨
  • Making extra money? 🤑

If you want to do it full time, you can also become a creator or a freelancer.

Here's what to expect:

💥Know all the important steps to start a side hustle

😌Form a routine

📝 Productivity checklist

🚀The shortcut to expediting your journey (models)

🤑 How to monetise

📈 Brief steps to become a creator

🤗 Be warned of not-so-fun realities (I believe in keeping it honest)

🎁 Pro tips

👀 Helpful reads

NEW UPDATE (April 2022)

Introducing Side Hustle Saturdays, an exclusive free and weekly newsletter for our side hustle enthusiasts.

You get delivered in your inbox every week once you grab the checklist.

We're selling quick!

Within 22 hours of launch (we launched on Dec 27, 2021), we have an insane amount of downloads!

New Update

Over 300 downloads in 49 hours, with some kind people even paying for it!



99 DAYS LATER (APRIL 12, 2022)

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A notion template with a checklist


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The Side Hustler Checklist - Notion

629 ratings
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