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Summit 21

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi
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Cohort 9: October 09-29, 2023

Read more about Summit 21 in our updated page, here.

Something new we are starting from this cohort - guest speaker sessions.

Because you should learn from the best! :) You'll also have access to them + guest speaker sessions of future Summit 21 cohorts forever.

Summit 21 takes place 4 times a year.

And we sell out every single time. Sometimes, a month before we start.

And now we've even downsized from 25 to 15 people, so I can have a 30-minute goal-setting call with you. I want to understand you, know your problems, and help you achieve your goals during your time here.

I was in your place under a year ago. I know what it's like to write online, not get traction, and not make money on my side hustle.

In just a year after learning from everywhere and streamlining the process for myself, everything changed.

I want to teach you what worked.

And no, 'writing every day' wasn't one of them because the best ideas come from living, my friend.

Be a consistent writer, easily.

To be a successful writer online just has one secret sauce amongst other ingredients - consistency.

Algorithms love consistency. Building an audience requires consistency, and consistency helps you become a better writer, too.

Who is Summit 21 for?

It's for people who are serious about getting things done. 

Aren't you tired of producing content that meets no eyes? Do you want to build a stronger online presence? Do you want to create a writing process that works for you instead of you being stressed out about writing?

If you're a side hustler, freelancer, hobby writer, or just want to establish an online presence - this course is for you. 

It's for:

➡️ Moms and Dads who want to get better but have limited time

➡️ People who want to build a brand for themselves

➡️ 9-5 goers who want smart and sustainable strategies to produce impactful content

➡️ Those who aspire to be their own boss someday

➡️ Side-hustlers who have limited time but big dreams

Writing online can change your life. 

It changed mine in less than a year where I went from a boring corporate job to earning more than my 9-5 paycheck just by writing online.

My life completely changed in a year by going out there and showing up consistently - and yours can too. 

You just have to show up. Let me help you?

What will you do?

The aim is to publish for 21 days on your preferred platforms, such as Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 

Sustainability is the key here. And you all have a life where you don't want to sit and write on weekends and have other things to do. This is why I will show you sustainable strategies you can use to tackle such days.

No writing 500 words a day or doing anything you don't want to. You will create a plan that works for you, instead of doing something that stresses you out.

What can you expect from this climb?

✅ Building a sustainable writing process

✅ Most courses overwhelm students by making them write too much and burn them out. You will continue to write after 21 days with brand new strategies that fit your lifestyle.

✅ You will make new friends

✅ You will grow your audience online

✅ You will get blueprints for successful articles, tweets, and LinkedIn posts

✅ You will have weekly office hours to discuss questions

✅ You will do more with less

Bonus Goodies ⬇️

This cohort is packed with more tools to help you all!

Here's what you'll get:

✅ 30m 1-1 goal-setting call

✅ Medium Frameworks

✅ LinkedIn Frameworks

✅ Twitter Tips

✅ Writing Guides

✅ Group feedback mechanisms

✅ Weekly 60-90m call

✅ A community of writers

✅ 5 days/week availability from me

Total Cost: $1100

You pay: $397

Your potential to earn with these proven methods: $$$$

PS: Friends in India, feel free to UPI at niharikasodhi96@okhdfcbank and email me a screenshot if that's the method you prefer.

Here's What People Are Saying

  1. Amey didn't just improve his LinkedIn stats but also made $$$$ in one month!

  2. Rodney went from 2000 to over 50000 Twitter impressions during Summit 21.

  1. Taryn's stats look amazing!

  1. Marcus 3X'ed his Twitter impressions

  1. Josh's stats are INSANE - his mentions are up by 1200% and everything else is up by over 100% too!

  1. Wendy moved from her full-time job to being self-employed because Summit 21 helped her get crazy results.
  2. Look at Joey's numbers:


Who are you learning from?

Hello there, I'm Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi.

I'm a 22x top-writer on Medium.

I started writing 'seriously' in September 2020 and handed in my resignation to quit my 9-5 in April 2021. Since then, it's been one hell of a ride!

I am:

  • LinkedIn Top Voice 2022
  • in the inaugural batch of LinkedIn Creators Program
  • Reached zero to 12.5 million LinkedIn views in 10 months
  • among 5% out of thousands of writers to earn over $10k on Medium my first year

This was all on my own.

Summit 21 started because I believe everybody- parents, self-employed people, side-hustlers, and those who want to build an online presence - can write effortlessly with smart strategies.

Summit 21 is for those who want to make it big out of their writing but also want to live a life because the best stories come from living.

So we don't write every day here.

This is a safe space where your time is respected.

You're not following a 'writing streak' that you feel shitty about when you miss it, and you 100% tailor your learnings around you to carry them forward after Summit 21 ends too.


Q. What's the time commitment?

A. This course is for busy folks. For mums and dads and side hustlers who are always juggling time. That being said, it's for creators as well which is why it's structured in a way that you decide the time you put in.

15min a day or 2 hours a day - you decide.

Q. Will I make money?

A. If you're using the Medium frameworks, you're already ahead of most people who struggle to figure out 'what works' on the platform. If you apply those frameworks consistently over months, you WILL earn.

Outside of Medium, it all depends on your goals (which I will help you with).

For e.g., If you want to build a personal brand and attract clients, yes, you will get help with that.

Q. What's the difference between Summit 21 and other writing courses?

This isn't a 'writing' course, it's a course for writers to become consistent because that's where the results come in.

I won't tell you to write every day, because that's stressful and feels like a chore. Plus, you have a life.

I'll share smart strategies so you 'publish' consistently even if you can't write every day. :) We at Summit 21 believe in sustainable strategies and routines only.

If you have more questions, shoot me a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Money-Back Guarantee 🧧

If you are not 100% satisfied, you can claim a refund within 5 days 

The reason is simple - this course should be an investment for you, not an expense. I don't want to keep your money if this doesn't give you value.

PS- Hit me a Twitter DM for questions.

IMPORTANT: If you're from the EU, there may be an added VAT upon checkout. DM me on Twitter and I'll help you circumvent this :)

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Summit 21

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