How To Upgrade Your Life With Side Hustles and Make Money Online

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The objective of this ebook is to:

  • Help you start a side hustle

  • Show you how can you start one (even when you have a full-time job)

  • Help you with an additional source of income

It doesn’t guarantee you the above by just reading it, but if you follow the process and put in the work, the world shall be a platter of opportunities for you. So the question really is, are you willing to change your life?

And this isn’t a quick fix on making money online or something. I hope it genuinely helps you get closer to your purpose and align with it. With our hyper-stimulated lives, we are getting out of touch with ourselves.

So I hope this book can take you inwards.

It’s about 70 pages. I tried to shorten it, but then it won’t be as comprehensive. You don’t have to read everything, but you can simply click on the chapter name and jump right there.

Your time is precious, and I really value it.

It doesn’t end with this

For those who download this ebook, this is only the beginning. Here are some more things you can expect:

  • Worksheets to help you with mentioned exercises (the Google Drive link is in the book and those who download will get access). Currently, there are only two, but I will soon add more and more.

  • More of such content to arrive in your inboxes fortnightly

  • Maybe access to my client proposals to help you win clients

  • And more!

Expect all this (except the worksheets) perhaps a month or so from now, as I’ll get back to work once I recover. For the worksheets, I will add you in 7–10 days when I feel better post-op.

For those who don’t enjoy the ebook or don’t want to know more about working and making money in the online world, side hustling, and self-employment, I will send you a link to unsubscribe from these things.

The idea is simple. I value your time and I wouldn’t want you to waste even a fraction of it on something that doesn’t serve you.

There are 5 parts to this book:

  1. Should YOU start a side hustle?

  2. Mindset Shifts

  3. Balancing it with your full-time job

  4. Quitting your 9–5

  5. My success and resources that helped me.

Are you ready to upgrade your life?

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How To Upgrade Your Life With Side Hustles and Make Money Online

71 ratings
I want this!